Collecting little visual pieces of life here and there helps me to understand it.

In moments of confusion this imagery takes me beyond the hollow inner voices of destinations to be arrived at, successes to be achieved and desires to be fulfilled, into the fundamental nature of reality and existence, where meaning lies not in the escaping of reality but in its full and complete presence.

In moments of self-reliance, it takes away the heaviness of memories, provokes the questioning of personal assumptions and occasionally ends a dependency on the past.

In moments of gratitude these pieces become a liberating reminder that moments of joy appear and disappear without any directing and if there is nothing to direct, there is nothing to assert myself over.

It is my aspiration for you to find similar consoling realizations in this imagery, the appropriate interpretation will hopefully produce an appreciation not for the unique, exotic and unfamiliar rather an appreciation for the charm and value of the ordinary, familiar and often neglected instants of life, dispelling the ingratitude perception commonly held towards the boredom and mundaneness of daily life.